🤩 🗺 2018 Is The Year Of Adventure 🗺 🤩

Flatlay Health Coaching Adventure

Drum roll 🥁🥁🥁 for my theme of the year reveal!

This 2018, I have decided to call it the year of ADVENTURE!!!

Flatlay Health Coaching Adventure Every single New Year, instead of listing goals like a to do list, I have decided to focus on one main theme that will revolve around and throughout the year.

This year, I am excited to have an adventure theme. Not just roaming around the globe (which will be on my list sometime in the coming years 🤩) but adventure in a sense of exploring every possibilities to have fun, find the good in everything and of course chase that dream which will be very adventurous!

My top priorities for the 2018 includes:

✔️ Health & Fitness

This 2018, I will continue on doing what I have started to build up last year. To help me prioritise my health and fitness, I am grateful to have these trusted health products that are all aligned with my heart’s desires.

Each single day I made sure that I only supplement with these products I totally love. I use these ones personally and will of course grateful to share with my family and friends.

Alkalising greens The Super Elixir


USANA Vitamin C Proflavanol For top health supplements that more than 700+ Elite Athletes trust, click on the link for a free health assessment and to shop the supplements


✔️ Travel

This 2018, I am so blessed and excited to explore places that I have never been. This January, I will be exploring the Philippines and Japan with my family. Then I will be exploring another three Southeast Asian countries in April with my great friends.

✔️ Creativity

As a creative enthusiast, creativity fuels my passion. This 2018, I will be continuing to blog more about health coaching that will involve plant based recipes (so watch out this space for more healthy feed ideas). I will also blogging about my adventure and travels though a different blog page. Please do follow my travelgram here:


Here’s some health coach approved goal setting tips:

▫️ Know what you want to prioritise and learn to work around your schedule so those priorities will not be taken granted of.

▫️ Have a theme of the year (read above for mine). It is more simple and seems to be more achievable than a long laundry list of goals. Having an annual theme also takes out the pressure on achieving a goal.

▫️ Which comes to point number three,

don’t let expectations ruin your heart desires

When we let go of expectations, we let in all the possibilities and opportunities to come our way and not against our way. As a wise man says, “Expectations ruin relationships”, this is also true and applicable to all areas of our lives. Great things happens when we least expect it. Hence, expectation should be the last thing that we should have.

▫️ Surrender to the thought of having just the best. As of the previous point, yes we should surrender everything hence once our cup is empty, it can of course be filled, nothing but just the best possibilites. If our cups are full, we can never fill it up, it will just overflow hence the feeling of overwhelmed.

▫️ Ultimately, have fun! Goals are just our reminder of why should we grow, why should we keep living our lives and why should we do our life’s purpose.

I’ll leave you with a simple thought relating to my theme of the year.

🗺 Adventure awaits, go find it! 🗺

Remember to do all things with love and gratitude! Amituofo 🙏😀


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