Health Coaching Defined and Why Do You Need One?

A Health Coach is a health practitioner who looks after an individual’s health beyond the nutrition it gets in and out of the plate. Health Coaching is a practice wherein a Health Coach will go through series of interviews in a session to find out what areas of health and well-being is needed to improve on and flourished. As a Health Coach, it is my passionate cause to help you reach your potential health and well-being through balancing the primary foods or what is known as the circle of life you have. Health coaches are not here to prescribe any medical prescriptions as we needed to leave that with your medical practitioners. We are not a Nutritionist nor a Dietician that have the right to do any clinical diagnostics. As a Health Coach, we are here to help you plan and act according to your commitment to get your best health possible. Together we will go through each of the 12 areas in your circle of life which includes Physical, Spiritual and Emotional pillars that will help to determine how exactly to address why you do what you do in terms of your well-being.

Health coaching is not all about losing the excess weight you have but also losing the stories behind the excess weight you are carrying.

There’s also a saying that we can drink all the greenest juice available but if we keep on going with the negative stories we tell ourselves then that green juice is not enough to help us achieve what we desire.
Thinking to get help through Health Coaching?
Certainly, you are here in this page for a reason. Now, whatever that reason is, I am certain that you are looking for help more than that a green juice or even the sweetest peach around can help you with. What is it that lead you to this page? What are the intentions or thoughts that you threw to the universe that able you to lead here? In what area of your life you need help with? Better yet, how can I be of service?
It is okay to feel overwhelmed even through the moon, stars and back. As a Health Coach, I am here as friend that you count on. I believe that everyone of us have the birth right to manifest all of our dreams and desires.
Ready to take charge of your own health and well-being? Please click on the link to find out how balance your Circle Of Life is:
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As a great appreciation of your efforts and commitment to starting your health journey, I am so grateful to share the book that started my own health journey and to a more meaningful life. Here’s the juicy details: Get Free Chapters from Integrative Nutrition


Thank you for taking the time to consider your health and well-being.

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