The year of Health and Well-Being, 2017 in a brief summary

I am so grateful for all the blessings, opportunities and every single thing and experiences that came along my way this 2017.

My theme of the year for 2017 is Health and Well-Being. This #2017bestnine sums up my current theme all in one image. The year that was involves my love and passion for traveling.

Starting the year with family travel around the Philippines and exploring the beauty of nature at its best, I was inspired to take care not only with our mother nature but also myself.

I have realised that in able to love anyone or anything, firstly we need to love ourselves first.

I am so blessed to have my family around me, to cherish the love and build memories.

Another key area of building my health and well-being this year is through loving myself more by taking care of my well-being by means of reading personal development books. This is the year that I have read quite a lot of personal development books that been sitting on my bookshelf for quite sometimes. It helps me not just to relax but also travel through the book as I explore it.

Then most proud moment of all is that I have decided to go back to school by learning more in depth about the role of nutrition and nourishment through whole foods and foods in and out of my plate which sparks my interest to start off a new learning journey.

Constant body movement through boxing, pilates, yoga and exercise helps me prime myself to take care of my body even further. I am so excited to continue on what I have learned throughout this year to apply and continue doing it for the next coming years.

2017 was definitely a great year. I am thankful for all the lessons each and every experiences has taught me and as cliché as it sounds, 2018 I am ready! 🤩

Remember to do all things with love and gratitude, Amituofo! 🙏

Next blog post will be my 2018 theme reveal!


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