What on beautiful Earth does ‘Imago Oculus’ means?

Imago is a latin word that translates into ‘Image’.

Oculus is a latin word that literally means ‘Eye’.

Together combined, the phrase Imago Oculus will translate into ‘Eye Image’.

The idea is to visually represents what I see and experience while I passionately take photographs.

Imago Oculus is my way to share my ideas, experiences and explorations with creative travel arts – photography and videography.

#SpontaneouslyExploringExperience – this will be the main hashtag that you will see behind every posts I make throughout Instagram, Facebook and Youtube (there willl be a dedicated blog post for this so watch this space =) ).

I have this brand name for my photography works way back in 2012 when I finished my bachelor’s degree in Creative Industries: Interactive Multimedia. Since then I have always been growing this brand behind the scene, but starting from this point on, I now have the love and inspiration to share it with everyone else in this online world!

Next blog posts will be my ultimate throwback for my travel explorations experiences – so please do certainly watch this space!

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