The Anatomy Of A Nutritious Take-Away

Today’s post-workout feed consists of a nutritious take-away. I have this ultimate craving of a nutritious take-away lunch pack. After the beach boxing sesh 🥊 which is by the way, really great to start the week right! My taste buds screams for a rich, healthy and so interestingly nourishing meal. So my mind lead me to one of the best wholefoods café in Fremantle, Western Australia – Manna Wholefoods 🍏


The gist is, let’s talk about the concept of “Crowding Out”. Which simply means that by adding more healthy and nutritious stuffs into our diet and daily meals, it will eventually decrease the amount of not so healthy foods intake in our daily lives.

By adding more of the good stuffs, we decrease the space for the not so good stuffs. So the concept means that yes! we can still indulge with our favourite foods without compromising our health. If and only if, when we add more nutrient-dense foods into our daily diet, what we really do is crowding out the process foods which are usually sugar laden and deficient in nutrients.

And that yes! by adding more of the good stuffs such as whole foods – fresh fruits & vegetables, increasing daily water intake and even movement into our daily lives, our tastebuds will change and overtime, it will lead into ultimate craving of highly nourishing foods that we can truly devour and that will surely contribute to that health goal we are trying to achieve.

This is of course, a health coach tip: “Listen to your body”!

Our body is a great mechanism that will know when it needs the right amount of nourishment it needs.

And most of the time, our bodies will tell us when something is too much or too little. Entertain what you crave but always remember to choose what is right 😍

Fancy to learn more about this concept?

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Thank you for taking the time to consider your health and well-being.

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