Hello Wellness Creators =)

Good day fellow explorer. I am Bernie Jude InterinoIntegrative Nutrition Health Coach, Creative Wellness Designer and Explorer of this lovely planet.
As a creative enthusiast I believe that seeing the world through our own eyes will deeply touch our heart in which will manifest love and called it passion!
Welcome to our wellness hub, join me see the world one blink at a time.
As the saying goes,
“Earth without art is just EH!”
Keep exploring, adventure awaits to be seen!
Hey it’s Jude and here’s how my travel journey begin!
As a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries, Majoring in Interactive Multi Media, I don’t really know what to do with this fancy title. Not until I discovered and learned that getting out of your house (possibly comfort zone) will lead you to endless abundance – in learning about what life is really all about. If you would ask me before then, I will seriously do not have an answer to this. Not until I did a great leap of faith that the universe conspire within my hidden desire to explore the world. And YES! I did jump into that cliff even if I have that fear of unknown – if it’s good for me or will I really enjoy it or how am I suppose to feel.
My passion for travel starts when a travel bug bitten me from January 2012. It was when I have the great opportunity to travel to Brussels, Belgium and Angouleme, Paris, France.
This study tour trip also serves as my first ever solo travel overseas. It was also Friday the 13th and comes another fear of unknown tho more likely overthinking. So yeah, forget all the mean voices behind your mind, they’re not suppose to be there in the first place. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this experience, that is positive mind will give you the best life – attract what we want, after all we all deserve it.
From then on, I  keep exploring the unknown and keep on going to places I’ve never been. I’m so in love by the fact that I have all the opportunities in the world to see each every corner – cos believe me, the earth is not round – it’s a planet with endless boundaries and possibilities.
We are so lucky to be this great human being that has the license to enjoy all the perks our mother nature so graciously, undoubtedly given to us. So please let’s treat it accordingly. And as you might be thinking, yes I am also an environment enthusiast that really wants to share this gorgeous colors of nature to the generations that will follow through beyond us – let’s start a great legacy for them. I’ll be doing (with my best of ability) to start the change I want to see in this world and hopefully it will be of a great benefit for us and everyone (also everything). Hence, comes the purpose of this blog –
to raise awareness that this place we live in is so full of abundance, love and awesomeness – in nature and urbanity. I hope I can inspire you to take a step forward to give back the love and care to our mother earth so it can reflect back to us and we get what we see – a place to do what we love and truly live it.
I’m not a real fan of bucket checklist, in fact this website is actually around 5 years in the making. Most people think that it might be long overdue, well not for me at least. I believe that awesome things take time and I am so grateful that this day has come for this great platform to launch on the virtual space. Finally! And I’m so grateful for you as well, thank you so much for reading this far. I promise you one thing, inspiration! Now if you already feel the shivers and excitement (cos I do!) then be in the awe.
From this moment on, I’ll be bringing you to the world wherein we will see every little great thing in every single thing. Now and until who knows when, probably forever! I’ll keep you posted when my recent little awesomeness wanders, so if you could please enter your details below to receive my precious gift for you. You can also follow and I’ll keep inspiring you in these following platforms :

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